Arco dei Gavi

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How far is it from Vicolo Zini?
Appena 2 minuti a piedi.
How far is it from Verona Cathedral?
Appena 3 minuti a piedi.

Arco dei Gavi

The Arco dei Gavi, located along the ancient Via Postumia in Verona, just outside the walls of the Roman city, is a very rare case of an honorary and monumental arch for private use in Roman architecture. It was in fact built around the middle of the 1st century to celebrate the gens Gavia.

During the Renaissance this was one of the most appreciated among the Veronese antiquities, also thanks to the presence of the signature of a Vitruvius, which recalls the well-known Roman architect author of the De architectura treatise. The monument was then described by humanists and antiquarians, reproduced in detail and studied in the proportions and decorations, finally taken up as a model by architects and painters, such as Palladio, Sangallo, Serlio, Falconetto, Sanmicheli, but also Bellini and Mantegna. It had a great influence on Veronese art in particular, as the overall scheme for the construction of portals, altars and chapels in the main churches of Verona was copied.

The arch no longer stands in its original position as it was demolished by the French Military Engineers in 1805, however the numerous reliefs that had previously been produced made it possible to reassemble it for anastylosis and restoration in 1932, when it was relocated in the square of Castelvecchio, where it is still today.

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